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Date Webinar Title Description Time  
08/06/2014 Is Your Program Ready and Safe for Emergencies? Protecting Young Children Before, During and After the Unimaginable Happens, by Sarah Thompson and Paul Myers

This webinar sponsored by:  Disasters can strike anywhere at any time and when they do children the most vulnerable. Each work day 68 million children are in child care or school, where parents assume they are safe, yet... 

08/20/2014 Emergent Curriculum- Debunking the Myths and Creating Shared Understanding, by Susan Stacey

This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series     Emergent Curriculum is steeped in a strong theoretical background, is inquiry and play-based, and responds to the questions that arise from both children... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
08/27/2014 QRIS, Licensing, and Accreditation: The Keys to Creating a Continuous Quality Improvement Culture in Your ECE Program, by Debi Mathias

    Join Debi Mathias, from the BUILD initiative, in this powerful webinar to learn more about effective processes for managing  and implementing QRIS, licensing, and accreditation. Debi will help you explore... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
09/03/2014 Empowering Teachers to Build Language and Literacy Through Strength-based Coaching, by Betty and Kori Bardige

This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series   We know from research that language is key to both literacy and social-emotional development, and that children who develop robust vocabularies and communicative... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
09/17/2014 The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love and the Meaning of Life, by Alison Gopnik

In the last thirty years there’s been a revolution in our scientific understanding of babies and young children, a revolution that’s also transformed our understanding of human nature itself. In this webinar, Dr.Gopnik... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
10/01/2014 Powerful Interactions In Early Childhood Programs: How Teachers Connect with Children to Extend Their Learning, by Judy Jablon

  The insightful webinar, presented by Judy Jablon, will focus on the powerful impact teachers can have when they intentionally and respectfully interact with children to extend their learning. Although research has... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
10/08/2014 Technology “Must Haves” for Early Childhood Administrators, by Giovanni Arroyo

    Do you want to streamline the process you use to manage your program? Would you like to use technology to work smarter, not harder? Join Giovanni Arroyo in this webinar to learn about the latest technology... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
10/29/2014 Planning for Purposeful Play and Learning- Intentional Resource Selection in Early Education, by Andrew Davis

This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series     Do you enjoy or dread the task of ordering materials for the classrooms in your program? Do you have a process for ensuring the books, manipulatives,... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
11/12/2014 Infant-Toddler Social-Emotional Development: The Heart of Early Learning, by Peter Mangione

This session will explore how emotionally secure relationships provide the springboard for early learning. It will first address the foundational nature of early relationship experiences. Then, we will consider what infants... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
12/03/2014 Best Practice for Managing “Out of Control” Children: A Team Approach for Early Educators and Families, by Barbara Kaiser

We teach the way we have been taught, and manage behavior the way we were disciplined. This webinar will help you discover how you can help teachers and parents define their strengths, understand their behavioral expectations... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
01/28/2015 How Effective Supervisors Guide Teachers by Giving Feedback With Ease, by Kendra Kett

    Do you dread giving feedback? Are you conflict-adverse? Not sure what to do, or what to say? This workshop, presented by  by Kendra Kett, is designed to help center administrators, leaders and managers enhance... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
03/11/2015 Early Childhood Program Business 101: Basic Business Planning for Growth and Sustainability, by Janice Lopez

      When you read the title of this session, you may have thought to yourself, “Plan for growth? I am operating (or plan to open) a preschool program, not a business!” Like many administrators of early... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
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