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Date Webinar Title Description Time  
01/15/2015 How Documenting Children’s Learning is Much More than Display: Reflecting Teachers’ and Children’s Thinking, by Susan Stacey

THIS SESSION IS ON THURSDAY!!!!! Pedagogical Documentation has the potential to support children’s inquiries, teacher reflection, and communication between home and school. We will explore how documentation is created,... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
01/28/2015 How Effective Supervisors Guide Teachers by Giving Feedback With Ease, by Kendra Kett

Sponsored by MyChild Daily Reports Do you dread giving feedback? Are you conflict-adverse? Not sure what to do, or what to say? This workshop, presented by  by Kendra Kett, is designed to help center administrators, leaders... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
02/04/2015 Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Big Ideas, Best Practices and Future Directions, by Chip Donohue, Ph.D.

This webinar will be presented by Chip Donohue, Director of the TEC Center (Technoogy in Early Childhood) at Erikson Institute and editor of the new Routledge and NAEYC publication, Technology and Digital Media in the Early... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
02/11/2015 Shared Services: Powerful Alliances for ECE Program Sustainability and Resource Efficiency, by Louise Stoney

Louise Stoney, co-founder of Opportunities Exchange, will introduce you to the concept and practice of Shared Services, an innovative and exciting approach to help early care and education programs work together to improve... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
02/18/2015 Becoming Bilingual: Resources and Strategies to Help Staff and Children in Your Program Develop the Bilingual Advantage, by Kathleen Hayes and Karen Nemeth Ed.M.

  This session is sponsored by… Becoming bilingual is a proven advantage for young children’s brain development, for older children’s school success and even for adults to put off the effects of Alzheimer’s... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
03/04/2015 Using Assessment to Make Meaningful Decisions about Teaching and Learning, by Judy Jablon

Does assessment feel like an added burden? It can be when the focus of assessment is on logistics and management rather than on the meaningful process of collecting data to get to know children and make decisions about their... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
03/11/2015 Early Childhood Program Business 101: Basic Business Planning for Growth and Sustainability, by Janice Lopez

      When you read the title of this session, you may have thought to yourself, “Plan for growth? I am operating (or plan to open) a preschool program, not a business!” Like many administrators of early... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
03/25/2015 Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Early Childhood Setting: The Role of Administrators, by Michael A. Assel, Ph.D.

Sponsored by Robert-Leslie Publishing, the publisher of The InvestiGator Club Prekindergarten Learning System Session Sponsor In this webinar, Dr. Assel will discuss the ways that administrators can support teachers by being... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
04/15/2015 Why Staff Fail to Report Suspected Child Abuse: Strategies to Ensure Consistent Reporting, by Alan Guttman

This workshop addresses, head-on, the many challenges and obstacles that staff and programs encounter when implementing child abuse reporting policies and procedures. During this session, participants will learn about, discuss... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
05/13/2015 Screen Use for Children Under 3: Research-Based Guidelines for Screen Sense, by Rachel Barr and Claire Lerner

Technology for infants and toddlers? Appalling or appealing? The webinar, presented by the authors of Zero to Three’s report, “Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight- Research-Based Guidelines for Screen Use for Children... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
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