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Date Webinar Title Description Time  
04/30/2014 Learning in Two Languages in Early Childhood: What Every Early Childhood Professional Needs to Know, by Mileidis Gort

  A large and growing number of children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have the potential to develop dual language and literacy skills if supported in their immediate environment. Scientific studies... 

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05/14/2014 The Building Blocks of Early Mathematics: Learning Trajectories for Young Children, by Julie Sarama and Dr. Douglas Clements

      This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series What are the mathematical and educational building blocks of early mathematics? What role should these building blocks play in early education,... 

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05/28/2014 Online Marketing Secrets for Early Childhood Programs: The #1 Key to Growing Your Enrollment, by Kris Murray

The marketing landscape has changed drastically for early childhood programs. Parents of young children are searching for child care online first, and what they find (and learn from others’ reviews) determines who they... 

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06/18/2014 he Power of Playful Learning in Early Education: How Guided Play Sparks Social and Academic Outcomes by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series Yale Professor Ed Zeigler wrote that “play is under siege.” In 1981 40% of a child’s discretionary time was spent in play. By 1997 that time had already decreased... 

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07/16/2014 A Menu for Successful Family Engagement- How Administrators Set the Table, by Bev Schumacher

This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series Imagine walking into a new restaurant without knowing what the restaurant served. How would you know if the restaurant was appropriate for you and your family and... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
10/08/2014 Technology “Must Haves” for Early Childhood Administrators, by Giovanni Arroyo

    Do you want to streamline the process you use to manage your program? Would you like to use technology to work smarter, not harder? Join Giovanni Arroyo in this webinar to learn about the latest technology... 

2:00 PM Eastern Time Register
01/28/2015 How Effective Supervisors Guide Teachers by Giving Feedback With Ease, by Kendra Kett

    Do you dread giving feedback? Are you conflict-adverse? Not sure what to do, or what to say? This workshop, presented by  by Kendra Kett, is designed to help center administrators, leaders and managers enhance... 

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