Certificates of Attendance are free!

About FREE Certificates of Attendance

  • If you attend the live webinar and stay from the beginning to the very end, you will receive the OFFICIAL certificate by email within one week of the live webinar. You can also download the blank certificate using the link displayed at the end of the webinar.
  • If you arrive late to the live webinar or watch the recording download the blank certificate by following the link announced at the end of every webinar.
  • Recording viewers must enter the link announced and displayed at the end of the webinar into a browser to download the certificate.

Important notes about certificates:

  • If you attend live webinars from the very beginning to the very end to earn the personalized certificate, you can create a free SimpleCert account and see all of your personalized certificates in one place. However, we recommend storing your certificates so you can easily keep track of your participation.
  • Store your certificates after you download them. If you download blank certificates, there will be no way to track which sessions you have taken or replace lost certificates.

Special notes about certificates for those who watch the RECORDINGS of our webinars:

  • If you watch recordings you must capture the link to the certificate announced and displayed on the very last slide of the webinar.