• Equity in early childhood eduction

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We never expected an all out attack on Developmentally Appropriate Practice, the legacy standard of #earlychildhoodeducation, but that's what Alabama's Governor, Kay Ivey has done: Attacked #DAP and #equityinece. In an all out blatant racist move, Ivey forced Early Childhood Education Secretary Barbara Cooper to resign for defending the use of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP), 4th edition in Alabama's #earlycarenadeducation

Frequently Asked Questions about our new process for Certificates + CEUs

As of April 19, 2023, Early Childhood Investigations Webinars is changing our process for issuing certificates and CEUs. Now participants in our live webinars and viewers of our recorded webinars will earn “Certificates + CEUs.”  Here are a few of the questions we know you will have about the new process: How do I get

Big changes to how you can earn Certificates and CEUs form our webinars

We have big news! As of April 19, 2023 you will earn certificates and IACET-approved CEUs in one document! We call the new documents Certificates + CEUs. From this point forward, the instructions about how to get certificates and CEUs during the webinars will not be so complicated because there is only one pathway for both

  • Early Childhood Investigations Consultants Directory

Defying inflation on!

Early Childhood Investigations Consultants Directory is our online service that is a hub where clients can find early childhood experts. It's always free to search but consultants pay a fee to list their  profiles so clients can find them.  Since 2016, consultants have subscribed annually, but we want to make it even more affordable by providing

  • fewer emails

Great news: We’re decluttering email inboxes around the world!

We know we have been  guilty of email pollution over the years. It's only because we never want you to miss the outstanding presenters, their insightful webinars or the recordings. Now, we've had an epiphany, and we want to be part of the nationwide inbox decluttering movement! So we are going to send fewer emails

  • loose parts summit

News from the field: A FREE Virtual Conference on Loose Parts!

Oh, JOY! Our friends at Redleaf Press, Think Small Institute, and one of our most admired presenters, Miriam Beloglovsky have teamed up to produce the first inaugural virtual Loose Parts Summit. It begins next week on November 1 and offers 6 days of FREE learning about loose parts! This innovative event brings together the wisdom

  • 5-year old's play enacting the events at the capitol

“The good guys are trying to keep the bad guys out. I saw it on TV”- 5 year old.

Christian Bellissimo, MSW, LCSW, RPT, LLC Child Play Therapist The past year has been filled with adversity for children and adults. A global pandemic. Loss of school and social interaction that children need to thrive. Political tumult that sparked peaceful protests and deadly riots. Our children have watched, listened, and observed in their struggle

Featured Consultants on and NEW webinars!

From time to time we like to show off a few of the experts randomly selected from Early Childhood Investigations Consultant Directory so you can get a feel for the diversity of expertise you can search for FREE. Take a spin to find a match for your organization’s needs so you can hire the best match! It’s