If you watch recordings, there’s only one way to get your  blank certificate.

Write down the link displayed at the end of the recording.

How to download certificates from recordings on early childhood investigations webinars

This link is different in EVERY webinar.

  1. To find the recordings on our website click on the recordings link in your follow-up email or go to the Recordings, Slides and Handouts page.  We provide instructions about how to download the certificate AT THE END of the recording.
  2. Watch the entire recording to the VERY LAST SLIDE where we announce and display on the screen a “shortened” link*.
  3. Write down the link displayed on the screen.
  4. After the session ENTER THE LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER to download the certificate.

*Please note that some schools and organizations block shortened links. This means the page will not open if your organization blocks shortened links. If your link does not work, use another device or location to use the link.


You are responsible for your certificate. We do not offer technical support for, or respond to email about certificates.
If you have problems with your certificate, find the answers on our FAQ page.

More information about certificates: