We have faith in the early childhood educators who attend our webinars. Our relationships are based on trust. However, it has come to our attention that sometimes not everyone is honest, and they look for shortcuts to earning the certificates they need to demonstrate ongoing professional development. That’s a shame!

Cheating by not attending webinars and fraudulently using our certificates hurts the families that trust you to care for and educate their children. It ruins your reputation and the reputation of your employer, and it destroys Early Childhood Investigations credibility with the licensing agencies and registries that accept our certificates. Over time, the trust will erode to the point that our certificates will no longer be accepted, and we will no longer be able to help hundreds of thousands of early educators around the world by providing free conference-quality™ professional development webinars.

Be aware,,, Our system tracks registrants’ participation in webinars. We can and do often check up on the participation of specific registrants at the request of registries, licensing agencies, and supervisors upon request.  If you provide a certificate of attendance for a webinar in which you did not participate, we can easily identify your fraudulent claim.

More information about certificates: