Certificates For Attendees of Live Webinars

If you attend the live webinar on the day it airs, you have three options to download your certificate:


A personalized certificate is sent by email in 7 days. Please create a free Simplecert account and see all your personalized certificates in one place: Go to Recipient Portal

Personalized certificates are not available to recording viewers or those who arrive late or end the webinar before it is over.

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* NOTE: We rely on an automated system provided by our webinar provider, GoToWebinar to send out the personalized to certificates. When you register for a webinar, you provide your email address. The system uses that email address to send confirmation and reminder emails about the webinar and instructions with a link to log in. We only send emails with the link to the certificate to people who have logged in by clicking on the link sent in the confirmation and reminder  to watch the webinar. The system will not record your presence and send a certificate if you only call in and listen by phone.  Our system retains attendance records and records the time you log in  to the on-screen webinar and when you log off. It uses that information to send out the email with the link. If your supervisor or a licensing agency inquires about your attendance, we will check our records to verify your attendance.

We also announce and display on the screen a “shortened” link on the final two slides at THE END of every session. This link is provided as a back-up in case you do not receive the email with your personalized certificate.

  • To obtain the blank certificate with the shortened link, write down the link displayed on the screen. (It is often hard to capture the link if you are only listening, but not viewing the screen.) After the session enter the into your browser to download the blank certificate.

  • If you do not receive the email with your personalized certificate within 2 weeks, please check your “junk” or “spam” folder in your email system or use the shortened link you wrote down at the end of the webinar to access the blank certificate.
  • Please create a free Simplecert account and see all your certificates in one place: Go to Recipient Portal
  • If you receive an email with the subject line “We’re sorry you could not attend the webinar”, the system did not record your presence, and you will not receive a personalized certificate. The email will include a link to the recording, and you can find all of the recordings here.
  • Please note that we cannot send the link to people who view the recordings, and we cannot respond to email about problems with certificates.

You are responsible for your certificate. We do not offer technical support for, or respond to email about certificates.