We were fortunate to have Kay Montgomery Albrecht present a webinar  about, Social-Emotional Learning from the Top Down on August 2, 2017. Some of the participants had questions that we were unable to ask the presenter.  She was kind enough to answer them and they are posted below.  Here is a link to the recording:  Social-Emotional Learning from the Top Down: Administrative Practices that Support Children’s Emotional Development

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Administrative Practices That Support Children’s Emotional Development

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Social Emotional Tools for Life: An Early Childhood Teacher’s Guide is available from www.innovationsinece.com, and all other distributors of ECE materials, including the sponsor of the seminar, Exchange, Kaplan, Lakeshore, and Redleaf all carry it. naeyc also carries it but I didn’t see it in their new catalog.

My favorite book about ECE (and there are many!): If I had to pick one on this topic, I’d pick Brazelton and Greenspan’s (2000). The irreducible needs of children:What every child must have to grow, learn, and flourish.  Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing.

Other favorite authors on this topic are Jack Shonkoff, Margie Carter and Deb Curtis, Sue Bredekamp, Bruce Perry, Dan Siegel, Helen Raikes, and Ross Thompson.

See Kay’s profile on ECEexperts.com