We’re pleased to have many options for a free Certificate of Attendance for every session we offer. If you attend the live session there are three options to obtain your certificate. If watch the recordings, you will have only one option to download your certificate. Ether way, you will need Adobe Reader to open and print your certificates. Most computers have the software, but if not you can download it here. It’s free.

Certificates of Attendance

We offer Certificates of Attendance in every webinar and they are FREE. Certificates of Attendance can be submitted to your licensing agency or Registry for ongoing professional development in most, but not all states.

Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not the same as Certificates of Attendance. CEUs are optional. CEUs are offered through the University of Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Professional Development and  can be used toward earning a degree, If you need Continuing Education Units you must apply. PLEASE REVIEW THE INSTURCTIONS FOR APPLYING FOR Continuing Education Units from University of Oklahoma.

Managing Certificates and CEUs is your responsibility

YOU are in charge of downloading and managing your certificates. It’s our belief that educators should accept responsibility and take ownership of their professional development and document their training journeys, like professionals do in other fields. This is why we do not provide support for obtaining certificates.

There are different ways to get certificates from live webinars versus recordings

Please read:

Certificates from Live webinars

Certificates for those who watch recorded webinars,

Registry/Licensing Agency rules about accepting our certificates

Please be advised that we do not know every agency’s rules about accepting our certificates. You should check with your licensing agency or Registry to find out. We have been offering webinars since 2010 and very few attendees report problems with getting their certificates accepted but there are very specific rules in every state. It is your responsibility to know the rules that apply to your ongoing professional development hours.

With all of that said, we do have specific information about using certificates in the following states. Be aware that the vast majority of states accept our certificates, but we only have information from a few states.

Learn more about the state registries with specific requirements for participants in our webinars:

For more detailed information about certificates read: