In a piece published today in The Conversation, researcher Mary Elizabeth Picher describes how pedagogical documentation connects children’s development to home and classroom learning. Picher’s research has centered around “how and why documentation itself is a critical component of early childhood learning and development and a cornerstone of Ontario’s play-based kindergarten program.” She also explored the impact of using digital documentation tools by focusing on preschool programs in Ontario that were using Storypark to facilitate documentation.

The article is a wonderful bridge from Susan Stacey’s webinar, Exploring the Benefits and Audiences of Pedagogical Documentation, to Mary Elizabeth’s upcoming webinar ,Using Documentation Technology in Early Childhood Programs. 

Join us for Mary Elizabeth’s webinar on September 18 to learn how digital documentation works in early childhood programs, and read Kindergarten scrapbooks aren’t just your child’s keepsake – they’re central to learning on The Conversation.