Actually, obtaining certificates from Early Childhood Investigations Webinars and videos is simple. It seems complex because there are three options!

If you’ve ever logged into our webinars or watched our recorded webinars, you know that in the beginning know I blather on for exactly 8 minutes about all the housekeeping items related to participating in the webinars, and 4 of those minutes are devoted to explaining how to obtain certificates! And, then, at the end of the webinar, I explain it again!

I’m know hearing all of these instructions in every webinar can be a little  annoying for those of you who attend frequently, but early educators who are new to our webinars join for the first time in every webinar, so they need the instructions.

We offer three ways to get certificates so there are  options for participants who arrive a little late, those who watch the recordings AND  because we want to reward participants who stay throughout the entire live webinar by providing them with an official certificate by email. With all of those options, there’s lots of explaining to do! Believe it or not, despite all of the explaining, we still get many emails about how to obtain certificates every day!

I know explaining the process is repetitive, and I wish we could wave a magic wand and everyone who joined would know what to do.  *SIGH*

Hopefully this reminder to read the complete instructions for obtaining certificates (and CEUs) will help everyone take charge of their certificates with fewer instructions. This week we are debuting a streamlined introduction  to the webinar to test how effective it is to leave the instructions to the end of the webinar so we can get to the “good stuff” faster.

read the instructions about certificates on early childhood investigations

Thanks to all of you who patiently sit through information you have heard time and time again, and welcome to all of our new participants. We are thrilled you take advantage of these great learning opportunities!

Fran Simon. M.Ed.


Fran Simon, M.Ed.
Chief Engagement Officer
Engagement Strategies

Founder and producer of Early Childhood Investigations