Teaching Critical Thinking About TV, Videos, Online Games, and Apps in Early Childhood, by Faith Rogow, Ph.D.

Sponsored by Early Childhood Investigations Consultants Directory Young children growing up in today’s digital world face unique challenges and opportunities. Many early childhood professionals respond to that reality from a place of anxiety and resistance. But what happens if, instead of resistance, our strategies are grounded in joyful learning and discovery? The answer is magic. And a lot of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. Join[…] Full Description

Evidence-Based Protocols for Effective Staff Supervision in Early Childhood, by Ashley Varouhas, M.A.

Sponsored by The Child Care Success Company Leading an early childhood program is a joy, but it is labor-intensive and human-centric. You must intensively work with families, staff, and children, all of which require energy, patience, and specific know-how. One of the most demanding aspects of the job is supervising staff. Because may come to the job without specific training or expertise in organizational development[…] Full Description

The Happiest Preschool: The Transformation and Future of Early Childhood Education, by Martha Heineman Pieper and Kelly Perez

Sponsored by Early Childhood Investigations Consultants Directory What more could anyone want for children than a happy early childhood? The lively session will describe how preschool programs and classrooms can offer a joyful culture of caring, cooperation, creativity, learning, and social-emotional health.  Presented by psychotherapist and acclaimed author Martha Heineman Pieper and Director of The Natalie G. Heineman Smart Love Preschool Kelly Perez, this webinar[…] Full Description

Building a Financial Framework for Your ECE Program’s Future, by Kathy Ligon

Sponsored by our 2024 Ultimate Sponsor, Procare Solutions In the childcare industry, profit can sometimes be viewed as a bad word. But you must carry out the mission you got into this industry for with financial stability. Quality and profitability aren’t at odds with each other—you must be financially healthy and thriving to provide excellent care and education. So, in an industry that is difficult[…] Full Description

Beyond the Shelves and Manipulatives: Learning Environments That Nurture Young Children, by Berna Artis, MA. Ed.

Sponsored by ChildCare Education Institute Look around your program: Is the environment conducive to exploration, sparking creativity, and meeting the group and individual needs of the children? Learning environments are paramount for young children as they are dynamic, interactive spaces pivotal in their holistic development. Great spaces for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children don’t have to be glitzy or polished. Rather, they should offer diverse[…] Full Description

Calming Terrific Toddlers: Evidence-Based Strategies That Reduce Aggression and Promote Self-Regulation, by Raelene Ostberg, M.Ed.

Thriving Together Despite the best efforts of early childhood educators, some older infants and toddlers naturally hit, bite, and otherwise display aggressive behaviors. These common tiny-tot behaviors challenge caregivers and parents and are among the biggest stressors they encounter. Because it is so complicated to understand what drives toddler behavior and redirect it, it’s hard to know what to do to support them in learning[…] Full Description

Rethinking Relationships and Bias in Early Childhood, by Olga Lacayo and Eliana Elias

Sponsored by Exchange Press What are teachers hungry for? Are they excited to work on compliance and standardized quality measures? Veteran teacher Olga Lacayo was hungry for much more than that. When her coach, Eliana Elias laid her eyes on her, she recognized that hunger. Olga wanted to seek authentic ways to involve other professionals in discussing the impact of racism on children, their families,[…] Full Description

Entrepreneurial Processes That Optimize Your Program’s Operations, Lauren M. Small

Early Education Business Consultants If you are in the business of offering early learning programs for children and families, your ultimate goal is to provide the best care and educational services possible. To achieve that goal, your program needs a firm foundation of sound operational strategies and practices and a leader with an entrepreneurial mindset. Join us for an empowering one-hour workshop for owners and[…] Full Description

Large Physical Art Activities for Energy Release to Calm Squirming Bodies and Minds, by Anna Reyner, MA, ATR, LMFT

Sponsored by Jessica Kingsley Publisher Physical art is an active mind-body engagement with sensory materials that channels energy. It is a highly effective tool for channeling excess energy and pent-up emotion that many young children carry. Active engagement with art materials and loose parts builds the brain in early childhood and serves to both calm the nervous system and release emotions, especially for those who[…] Full Description

Nurturing Transitions: Supporting children and families in the new school year, by Amanda Higgins and Sharon Carlson

Sponsored by Storypark   Prepare for the upcoming school year by strengthening transition practices to ensure new children and their families feel a strong sense of belonging in your Early Childhood Education program. Join us for a comprehensive webinar where we will explore the pedagogy surrounding transitions for children and families in ECE settings, with a particular focus on orientation and room changes. Our session[…] Full Description