If you are an early childhood program administrator or teacher, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is on the top of your mind. Of course you are thinking about what to do about potential closures, revenue loss, and all of the associated nightmarish details. Take a deep, cleansing breath and blow out slowly. Hopefully that helped.

Stop what you are doing and get informed about the steps you can take to prepare and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 right now. The Centers for Disease Control website not only offers critical up-to-date and easy to read information for all citizens and their families, but also early childhood and k-12 schoolsWhile it is true that typically developing and healthy children usually experience less live-threatening illness from the disease, once infected, they can be prolific carriers capable of infecting a lot of people. All of us are responsible for doing our best to protect our communities. Please take a moment to read these important materials to keep spread to a minimum.

We will do our best to bring you a webinar on this topic as soon as possible. Please stay tuned to our upcoming webinars for the latest information.


CDC COVID-19 resources for educators and administrators

Click to read CDC COVID 19 Resources for Child Care and K-12 Schools