Fran Simon, M.Ed,
Producer, Early Childhood Investigations

If you’ve taken our webinars before, you may have noticed that our webinar system sends you a lot of email! You receive one to confirm your registration, up to three reminders, and one after the webinar that either confirms that you have either attended or did not attend the live session.*If you attended the live session, you will receive an email within 2-5 hours after the conclusion of the webinar with the subject line that reads: “THE LINK TO THE CERTIFICATE, RECORDING AND SLIDES FROM…”.  KEEP THIS EMAIL! (If you don’t see it, look in your Junk or Spam folder.) The post-webinar follow up email to those who attended that those who did not is super valuable because it also includes links to the recording of the webinar and the slides.

confrimation of attendance email

Some states and credentialing organizations require that the confirmation of attendance email accompany your certificate as proof of completion.  This email is automatically sent, and it cannot be replicated.  Even if you are not required to produce the emails for the certificate to be accepted, it’s always a good idea to keep a portfolio of your professional development. We recommend you create digital files outside of your email program where you save your confirmation emails and certificates. We also recommend saving paper copies as well.If you are a supervisor, encouraging or requiring professional portfolios is a good idea. I can help you guide or confer with your staff members about their growth and plan for continuous improvement. In fact, portfolios and professional development planning are equally important for all staff members, including supervisors. Do you have a portfolio?

This article on professional portfolios by Cheryl Priest in NAEYC’s Young Children, January, 2010 offers some excellent ideas. I bet you’ve come up with some ideas of your own for your professional development portfolios! If so, let us know– Comment below!
*Please note: Confirmation emails are not sent our after watching the recordings.