We never expected an all out attack on Developmentally Appropriate Practice, the legacy standard of #earlychildhoodeducation, but that’s what Alabama’s Governor, Kay Ivey has done: Attacked #DAP and #equityinece.

In an all out blatant racist move, Ivey forced Early Childhood Education Secretary Barbara Cooper to resign for defending the use of Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP), 4th edition in Alabama’s #earlycarenadeducation programs.  A statement from the Governor’s office said “…Governor Ivey strongly believes that woke concepts have no place at any level of education in the state of Alabama and should not be taking away from the overall mission of improving educational outcomes for students.”

Dr. Cooper is a fierce champion for best practice in #earlyeducation, and a NAEYC Governing Board Member.

In response to the governor’s , National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has issued a statement and has asked all of us in #earlychildhood#childcare#headstart#prek, and anyone who cares about young children and #ECEequity to sign on. Please sign and share: https://ecewebinars.com/careaboutequity