Every morning, when I open my email box, I read Exchange EveryDay, a publication of Child Care Information Exchange and Exchange Press. I learn something interesting or important every morning. Today I learned about how Bright Horizons Family Foundation Bright Spaces supports a Bright Space at the Humanitarian Respite Center (HRC) in McAllen, Texas. This important organization, supported by Catholic Charities, provides “short-term stopover for asylum-seeking families, offering hot meals and showers, clean clothing and space to rest and sleep.”

The need for support for this program is urgent. I learned today that an organization called Carry the Future has made it simple for people like us to help by creating an Amazon Wishlist of basic, yet so critical hygiene and personal care supplies that can be sent to the HRC with a simple click of a button. The list includes many very affordable options.

As early educators, we know it takes a village to do great work. You can see how so many organizations and people come together to support HRC. I’m hoping our village will also do what we can to support families at the border and advocate to change the terrible conditions which they are enduring. Your voice and your simple contributions count.

With hope,

Fran Simon
Engagement Strategies
Early Childhood Investigations