covid-19 early childhood webinar fullLast week we hastily put together a webinar on the implications of COVID-19  (Coronavirus for early childhood programs with the help of early childhood heroes from Child Care Aware of America and child care legend, Tom Copeland.  One week later, and the registration now tops 7,000. Our system only allows 3,000 attendees, so we decided to close the registration.

We’ve received a lot of emails begging to get in, but never fear: As always the COVID-19 webinar will be recorded and posted on the Recordings, Slides and Handouts page of our site. The best way to know when the recording is posted is to subscribe to our blog (see the sign up form on the right side of the page) or  subscribe to our email list by clicking here.

One way or another, we are committed to bringing you the information you need to help your early childhood program get through this difficult time.  We are in this with you.