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Digi-engagement with families in early childhood: Connecting the way they connect, by Jennifer Carsen, Guest Blogger

Guest post by Jennifer Carsen Chief Chickie Day Care in Demand Pre-Internet, family engagement was a matter of encouraging the families of children enrolled in your program to come to you to participate—literally. If a parent was unable to come to school for student activities, there wasn’t a lot you could do about it! But

Q&A from: Promoting Executive Function Life Skills in Early Childhood- Resources and Tools from Mind in the Making, by Ellen Galinsky

We were fortunate to have Ellen Galinsky present a webinar  about Promoting Executive Function Life Skills in Early Childhood on April 22, 2015. Many of the participants had questions that we were unable to ask Ellen.  She was kind enough to answer them and they are posted below.  Here is a link to the recording:  Promoting Executive

Are You Ready To Lead?

By Guest Blogger, Jennifer Carsen Chief Chickie, Daycare in Demand It is no surprise that most ECE professionals are drawn to the work because of the children—the ability to positively influence young minds and lives during those first few crucial years. A strong affinity for working with children, however, doesn’t always (or even often) translate