Getting Certificates on Early Childhood Investigations: It should be simple!

read the instructions about certificates on early childhood investigations

Actually, obtaining certificates from Early Childhood Investigations Webinars and videos is simple. It seems complex because there are three options! If you’ve ever logged into our webinars or watched our recorded webinars, you know that in the beginning know I blather on for exactly 8 minutes about all the housekeeping items related to participating in the webinars, and 4 of those minutes are devoted to explaining[…] Full Description


Whether you watch recordings or you attend live webinars, here’s what you need to know about certificates! If you have attended our webinars in the past, you know we spend A LOT of time talking about how you can obtain certificates or watch recordings. We know, it becomes redundant for those of you who attend frequently. The reason we spend so much time explaining the[…] Full Description

Confirmation of attendance emails: An important part of your professional development portfolio!

Fran Simon, M.Ed, Producer, Early Childhood Investigations If you’ve taken our webinars before, you may have noticed that our webinar system sends you a lot of email! You receive one to confirm your registration, up to three reminders, and one after the webinar that either confirms that you have either attended or did not attend the live session.*If you attended the live session, you will[…] Full Description