As promised, we’re sharing the recording of yesterday’s webinar, Early Care and Education’s Leadership Choices: What Lies Ahead for the Field? by Dr. Stacie Goffin and Dr. Valora Washington.

In this thought-provoking webinar, Valora and Stacie walked us through the biggest issues facing professionalization of our field. While early care and education leadership organizations are working on frameworks to create definitions, Stacie and Valora assert that the real work still left to be done must be done by the people who do the work themselves. The webinar lays out reflections for all early care and education professionals to consider.

Our heartfelt thanks to Stacie and Valora for the work they are doing to move the needle on the challenges the profession has faced for decades, and for their willingness to share their expertise. Thanks also to Exchange Press for their continued sponsorship that makes it possible for us to offer free webinars on the most important issues.