Innovative Strategies for Autism in ECE – How Teletherapy Engages Children with Autism, by Diana Parafiniuk and Sara Smith

This session is sponsored by E-Therapy. Do you ever wish there was a miraculous way you could reach children who struggle with communication disorders? Or an innovative approach to expanding children’s social and emotional understanding?  So often it is hard to get students who struggle with these issues to engage, interact, and express themselves fully. Because students get overstimulated, have trouble focusing, and difficulty communicating[…] Full Description

Challenging Behavior: Directors and Teachers Working with Families and Other Experts, by Barbara Kaiser

Sponsored by HiMama It’s all about relationships and building a trusting and respectful relationships with every child’s family. It’s important to make this connection before difficulties arise because parent engagement is never more important than when there is child with challenging behavior in your group/center. Families have a strong emotional investment in their children so that when there are issues about their child’s behavior they[…] Full Description

Teaching Young Gifted Children: The Whats, Whys, and How-Tos for Supporting Their Needs, by Ellen I. Honeck, Ph.D. and Judy Galbraith

This webinar is sponsored by Free Spirit Publishing. Whether you work in a preschool program, childcare center, kindergarten, or primary-grade classroom, you have gifted children in your group right along with children who have a broad range of abilities. Why is it important to recognize and support the needs of young gifted children? What are the best ways to identify these children? How do you[…] Full Description

Makerspaces in ECE: A Planning Guide for Administrators, by Margaret Powers

Sponsored by Early Childhood Investigations Consulting Directory   Join this webinar to learn the basics of starting a makerspace in an early learning center and designing developmentally appropriate projects that engage children in hands-on making and learning. We will discuss the maker movement and its implications for early childhood education and the key physical components of a makerspace before diving into some project examples and[…] Full Description

Bullies in the Classroom – “Mean” Behavior and Aggression: The Origins of Bullying, by Kristen Darling-Churchill

Bullies in the Classroom – “Mean” Behavior and Aggression This webinar is sponsored by Second Step, an initiative of Committee for Children. Have you heard the taunts in your early learning program: “You can’t play with us!” or, “You can’t come to my birthday party!”? Have you ever wondered how your role as an administrator can influence teachers and parents to address the early childhood[…] Full Description

The Path for Math in Early Childhood: The Learning Trajectories Perspective, by Dr. Douglas Clements and Dr. Julie Sarama

Sponsored by Connect4Learning (C4L) What are the mathematical and educational building blocks of early mathematics? What role should these building blocks play in a developmentally appropriate setting? Join two of the most preeminent early math experts in the country, Dr. Douglas Clements and Dr. Julie Sarama, as they describe research-based learning trajectories as the core of all aspects of the educational enterprise. These learning trajectories include three[…] Full Description

PreK-3 Continuum: Your Role in Creating Seamless Transitions, by Safiyah Jackson, Kelly Pollitt and Michael B. Abel, Ph.D.

This session is sponsored by the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership. McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership and the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) presents tools and ideas to foster alignment among preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary programs. The PreK-3 transition period is critical for a child’s long-term success. However, instructional leadership that supports teaching along this continuum is complex. It requires activities and[…] Full Description

Media Literacy in Action in the Early Years: Activity Ideas for Reasoning and Reflection, by Faith Rogow

 This event is sponsored by the National Association for Media Literacy (NAMLE) and supported by the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development & Early Learning with Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge funds. In this empowering webinar, media literacy education maven Faith Rogow, will provide an overview of how to reach beyond teaching with technology to also integrate reasoning and reflection in age appropriate ways. We’ll[…] Full Description

Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Big Ideas, Best Practices and Future Directions, by Chip Donohue, Ph.D.

Sponsored by MyChild Daily Reports     This webinar will be presented by Chip Donohue, Director of the TEC Center (Technoogy in Early Childhood) at Erikson Institute and editor of the new Routledge and NAEYC publication, Technology and Digital Media in the Early Years: Tools for Teaching and Learning. The book is a collection of essays by 25 thought-leaders working at the intersection of child[…] Full Description

The Building Blocks of Early Mathematics: Learning Trajectories for Young Children, by Julie Sarama and Dr. Douglas Clements

      This session is part of the Follett Growing Readers Series What are the mathematical and educational building blocks of early mathematics? What role should these building blocks play in early education, and why? Julie Sarama and Douglas H. Clements will discuss these questions, including information on three recent publications that they helped write: (a) the report of President Bush’s National Math Advisory[…] Full Description