Coaching Early Educators for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging, by Anni K. Reinking, Ed.D. and Laycee Thigpen MS.Ed.

Sponsored by Brookes Publishing. Are you an early education program leader who is ready to start transforming your program to be more equitable? Or are you already actively pursuing programmatic changes to ensure inclusion and justice? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, this energizing webinar will help you strategize and act with a step-by-step approach. Early childhood equity consultants, Anni K.[…] Full Description

Natural Playscape Makeover! Practical Design Tips for Supporting Child-Directed Play In Natural Spaces on Any Budget, by Rusty Keeler

Sponsored by Rusty Keeler. We all want to create beautiful outdoor natural play and learning environments for our children but isn’t it expensive? Difficult? Out of reach for the average caregiver and center? “No way!” says natural playscape designer and author Rusty Keeler, “You can do it!” Join Rusty as he shares 30 years of design experience to inspire YOU to dream and plan your[…] Full Description

Benefits and Consequences of Racial Segregation in Early Childhood? by Iheoma U. Iruka, Ph.D. and Stephanie Curenton, Ph.D.

Produced in partnership with Equity Research Action Coalition at UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. Racial segregation permeates all facets of life including early care and education. (One example of structural racism in the U.S. is racial segregation in housing.) In this fascinating webinar presented by Iheoma U. Iruka, Ph.D. and Stephanie Curenton, Ph.D. will guide you to use a critical lens to examine[…] Full Description

Leading Multiple Programs With Purpose: Building Culture and Systems Mindset, by Melony Gibson, Ed.D. and Kelly Hansinger

Sponsored by Storypark. Managing multiple early childhood programs is always a balancing act that involves pedagogical, supervisory, and people-centric skills. In this session, Melony Gibson, Ed.D. and Kelly Hansinger from Bright Horizons Family Solutions will discuss your unique needs as a multi-site child care administrator with an illuminating focus on building professional culture. Together with you, Melony and Kelly will examine your role as the[…] Full Description

Strategies for Making Your ECE Program Stand Out From the Rest, by Molly Hichens

Sponsored by Procare. Hey, there, program leaders, are you looking to make your organization stand out while, saving time and simplifying systems? Need fresh ideas that you can implement by Monday? There’s no need to lose sleep or stress out as you grow your early childhood program! Here’s the to do list you didn’t know you needed! Let’s talk strategies for enrollment waitlists, growing your[…] Full Description

Essential Elements of Leading a Nature-based Early Childhood Program, by Dr. Rachel A. Larimore

Sponsored by Samara Early Learning. It’s finally happening: Early education program leaders around the world are becoming more enthusiastic and enlightened about the benefits of nature-based programs. Many programs are beginning to jump in wholeheartedly but find shifting the culture of their organizations as well as the practice of individual teachers is incredibly challenging. After all, we’re leading humans! Some of the challenges that result[…] Full Description

Sing & Sign: Supporting Emerging Language through Music, Sign Language, and Play, by Anne Meeker Watson, Ph.D., MT-BC

Sponsored by Brookes Publishing.   Teaching hearing children to sign is an extension of the types of nonverbal communication they already use to get your attention, including facial expression, gesturing, making noise, crawling, toddling toward an object of desire, and more. Focusing on communication has never been more important given lost opportunities during the pandemic to learn and practice language skills. Join music therapist, early[…] Full Description

Reimagine Documentation to Support the Quest for Program Quality, by Susan Stacey

Sponsored by Storypark. The last two years have been challenging in terms of holding on to our values and intentions for our programs and for ourselves as professionals. This inspiring webinar by Susan Stacey will explore how you can support the use of documentation to help educators refresh their thinking about practice, gain insight into children’s actions, and continue to learn? We will uncover how[…] Full Description

Interviewee to Employee: How to Craft Interview Experiences That Align With Your Vision and Values, by Beth Cannon

Sponsored by Brightwheel.   In case you haven’t heard, there is a staffing crisis in early care and education! Oh, wait: You already know firsthand that even getting prospective employees to show up for an interview is a challenge! Even though you might be a little desperate for staffing, it’s still critical that you carefully select the right candidates. You must know how to screen[…] Full Description

Embrace the Energy of 2023 to Guide Transformational Change, by Susan MacDonald

Sponsored by Inspiring New Perspectives. Embrace the energy of the new year and develop a plan for implementing positive professional transformation as an early childhood leader. In this inspiring and motivating webinar, author and professional coach, Susan MacDonald, will help you clarify a specific change you would like to make to enhance your work. Using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology, she will guide you through a[…] Full Description