Preschool Democracy: Teaching Young Children Five Democratic Life Skills, Dan Gartrell, Ed.D.

You don’t often hear the word “democratic” when thinking about young children in preschool. But in fact, everything you do (or do not do) in your early learning program can impact children’s ability to become dynamic problem solvers who engage with others well and otherwise participate in democratic society. As you guide children (in a safe and democratic classroom environment) to build relationships, regulate their[…] Full Description

Play-responsiveness as a Teaching Practice: Using The Original Learning Approach, by Suzanne Axelsson M.A.

Sponsored by Redleaf Press Join Swedish early childhood care and education expert, Suzanne Axelsson, M.A. to explore how weaving wonder, curiosity, joy, knowledge, imagination, interaction, risk, time, reflection, and listening can bring teaching closer to a state of play. In this thought-provoking webinar, you will explore the foundations of Suzanne’s book, The Original Learning Approach play-responsive approach to education. Suzanne will share how play informs[…] Full Description

The Best Nature & Climate Books for the Children and Families in Your Program: Featuring The Annual Blueberry Awards! by Martha Meyer, Betsy Bird and Bridget Petrites

Are you looking for great books to spark young children’s interest in nature, inspire impactful green actions for children to take, or looking for books that inspire you with nature experiences for your program? This is the webinar for you! In this webinar, you will join three experienced librarians with passion for the planet and for books to hear about the award winners of the[…] Full Description

Joyful Music for Social-Emotional and Language Development, by Pam Gittleman

Sponsored by ChildCare Education Institute. Join this interactive and fun webinar to learn to connect social-emotional development and music for joyful classroom experiences. Early childhood music expert, Pam Gittleman will share examples that illustrate how both lyrics and melody impact social-emotional learning, literacy skills, and the role of songs in building those skills. You will learn how to use music and stories to support skills[…] Full Description

Summer Nature! Offering Culturally-Centered Summer Nature-Based Programs, by Ashley Brailsford, Ph.D.

Sponsored by Unearthing Joy Together It’s safe to say we all want our programs’ outdoor spaces to be inclusive and welcoming. Creating nature-based curriculum and programs that center diverse cultural perspectives can be challenging but is necessary for transforming outdoor spaces into inclusive places. Just in time for summer program planning, presented by early childhood culture and nature expert, Ashley Brailsford, Ph.D., will offer ideas[…] Full Description

Important changes to our certificates + CEUs, by Fran Simon, Jill Bertelsen, Andrea Goggins, and Amanda Sant

Obtaining certificates and CEUs for our webinars always required a lot of explanation, and was a little complicated. We’ve been working on ways to improve the experience and also make our certificates more aligned to the expectations of child care registries in he US and Canada. The new process will be easier, but we want to explain it in great detail to participants, registries, and[…] Full Description

Inclusive Sensory-Rich Nature Play for Children’s 7 Senses, by Jena Ponti Jauchius, PLA, CPSI

Sponsored by Nature Explore Nature play is one of the most powerful tools we have to give children the type of childhood they need to grow into thriving adults. Nature play calms children’s nervous system, offers the most beneficial sensory stimulation, and is an eager co-creator in play and learning. The benefits of nature play are increasingly recognized, however there is an essential aspect of[…] Full Description

Making Peace with War Play: Exploring Consent and Power in the Preschool Classroom, by Mike Huber

Sponsored by Exchange Press Play is self-chosen, self-directed, and imaginative. But what if children choose to play in ways we are uncomfortable with? It is very common for preschool children to engage in gun play or war play. Children who have a hard time joining social play often find success in this type of play. Unfortunately, teachers often ignore this type of play or ban[…] Full Description

Pursuing Bad Guys: A Transformative Journey for Children and Teachers, by Donna King and Pam Oken-Wright, M.Ed.

Sponsored by Exchange Press. In this fascinating webinar, Donna King, a preschool teacher, and author of Pursuing Bad Guys: Joining Children’s Quest for Clarity Courage and Community, and Pam, a pedagogical consultant, will tell the story of their work together on a long-term investigation of “Bad Guys.” Pam will share some of the important tools and strategies she offers to teachers who hope to engage[…] Full Description

Mean Girls (and Boys!): Why Young Children Act In Unkind Ways and How To Help, Claire Lerner, LICSW

Sponsored by Second Step. When children boss other kids around, say hurtful things, exclude peers, and act in other unkind ways, they are not acting mean on purpose. By and large, these kids are struggling with difficult feelings of insecurity/self-doubt and anxiety. These complex emotions are uncomfortable and hard to make sense of and cope with, even for adults, no less young children who don’t[…] Full Description