As of April 19, 2023, Early Childhood Investigations Webinars is changing our process for issuing certificates and CEUs. Now participants in our live webinars and viewers of our recorded webinars will earn “Certificates + CEUs.” 

Here are a few of the questions we know you will have about the new process:

  • How do I get my Certificates + CEUs? 

Watch this video.

  • Why is Early Childhood Investigations Webinars changing the process for certificates and CEUs?

There are many reasons. First, if you have ever attended our webinars before April, 2023, you must have experienced the long and complicated explanations about how to get certificates and CEUs.  We want to streamline the process. Also, our contract with University of Oklahoma Center for Early Childhood Investigations, the provider of our CEUs, expired. As we searched for replacement providers, we discovered that Bertelsen Education can not only provide IACET-approved CEUs affordably, but can also deliver certificates to all our participants.

Bertelsen Education is an IACET CEU provider. IACET-approved organizations issue certificates that are most often approved by registries. IACET is the world standard for professional development recognition. That being said, we can’t be sure your registry will accept our certificates due to other circumstances unrelated to the CEU status. One of the reasons we are changing our process is to better meet the requirements of as many registries as possible, but even this change might not make a difference.

For 15 years we have been looking for solution that will come closer to meeting the requirements workforce registries have for secure certificates of attendance, and we finally found a wonderful partner in Bertelsen Education. Their learning management system provides a secure process for ensuring all participants are verified and have not only attended our webinars, but also learned during them.

  • My licensing agency/registry has always accepted Early Childhood Investigations Webinars’ certificates. Will they still accept them?

One thing to note is that if your state has been accepting our certificates in the past, they will continue to do so, except in Minnesota, not because they don’t like the new process, but because of there new policy that take effect in May.

  • Why must I pay $3 for the certificate?

The $3 fee is paid directly to Bertelsen Education to cover the cost of preparing and hosting the quiz, managing and storing the results, compliance with IACET requirements, technical support, and other related expenses. Typically, professional development training CEUs cost $20 and upwards. Our friends at Bertelsen Education offers this unusually low rate to help early care and education professionals afford our conference-quality™ webinars.

  • But you say the webinars are free! Why do I have to pay for certificates?

The webinar is free! Early Childhood Investigations does not collect any fees from webinar participants– EVER. If you do not need a certificate, you do not have to follow the steps to get the certificate. The fee is strictly for the cost of issuing the certificates, and it is the absolute lowest cost you can find for obtaining IACET-approved CEUs.

  • Can I just get a certificate without CEUs so I don’t have to pay?

No.  Offering more than one option for certificates introduces an element of confusion for attendees and for registries. To ensure registries can always count on our documentation process, we only offer one pathway for certificates. It is in your best interest that we are consistent.

  • I’m working towards getting my Bachelors degree. Will the CEU’s work towards an undergraduate degree?

The goal of the CEU is to ensure learners receive credit for professional development that meets standards of high quality learning. These credits can articulate into college credit, but not every institute of higher education accepts CEUs. You should check with the college from which you want to earn your degree to be sure that they accept IACET-approved CEUs and under what circumstances they accept them.

  • I don’t need to submit certificates to a registry or licensing agency, but I do need to show my employer or professor that I attended the webinar. What should I do?

The most expeditious solution is to simply follow the same procedure by taking the quiz and downloading the certificate.

  • What if I do not have a credit card?

Simply follow the same process by going to the Bertelsen Education website. There is a form for you to complete to indicate you do not have a credit card.

  • Why do I need to take a quiz?

The quiz, which is based on the slides and content in every webinar, provided objective and consistent proof that you attended the webinar and learned the content. The results are required for IACET-approved CEUs and are simply best practice in professional development. The results also provide registries, employers, licensing, and other supervisors with a level of assurance they need to provide you with credit for attendance.

  • Is the quiz hard?

The nine quiz questions are taken directly from the presentation and the slides. If you pay attention the quiz should be very straightforward and manageable. You can take the quiz three times. A passing score is 80%.

If you have other questions about the process, you can contact us here.