We abruptly changed our process for certificates of attendance and CEUs this week. Due to huge demand for certificates that are separate from CEUs, we decided to go back to our previous process for issuing certificates and it’s causing some confusion. We are sorry for the confusion and want to tell you what’s gong on.

What you need to know now!

1. Certificates of Attendance are free (again!) 

2. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are optional and can be earned from our partner, Bertelsen Education for a $15 fee.

You can read how it all works here, on our site.

3. The instructions on our recently recorded webinars say you can earn a Certificate+CEUs for $3 by following the links at the end. Those links currently lead to the quizzes required for Certificates+CEUs hosted by Bertelsen Education, which now require the payment of a $15 fee. 

The links will change next week to lead to the free certificates!

Here is why some of you are confused…

Some of you are watching recordings and following the link as announced on the recording and expect to pay $3 for a Certificate+CEUs, but when you get to the Bertelsen site, you see the cost is $15. That is the new fee for CEUs.

Because we were so eager to make the change to free certificates, we failed to update the links in the recordings to lead participants to the free certificates. We are in the process of changing all of those links as fast as we can, but it may take until next week.

In the meantime, please wait to watch any recordings until the middle of next week.

Next week, you will be able to access free certificates from our recordings and ALSO earn optional CEUs from our partner, Bertelsen Education here on their site by taking a learning assessment and paying the $15 fee.

I apologize for the confusion and the abrupt change. I really just want to make sure we respond to your requests for separate certificates and CEUs, and I got a little impulsive. Please bear with us.

Be well, and see you in an upcoming webinar!

Fran Simon, M.Ed.
Chief Engagement Officer
Engagement Strategies Consulting
Producer of Early Childhood Investigations
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P.S. Are you wondering what CEUs are? Here’s the answer.