Edublog Award Finalist for Open PD or Webinar SeriesDrummmmm rollll! Well, we didn’t win, but. Early Childhood Investigations was in the top five finalists for the Edublogs Award for best Webinar series. Even though we didn’t, the Edublog Awards delivered reaped rich rewards for the entire education community. Nominees, nominators, voters, and even people who did not participate are enriched because we can all connect to a plethora of new, highly-regarded, peer-reviewed resources.

By participating in the contest and the awards ceremony, I learned that the REAL benefit of the Edublog Awards is not the recognition and the logo for your website or blog (even though, those prizes are priceless). The most impactful result of the awards every year are the links to outstanding resources and examples of best practice. As I participated in the awards ceremony (with many other early childhood leaders like Karen Nemeth, Vanessa Levin, Janet Landsbury, and many others) I added fabulous new ideas and resources I will use for a long time to come. Best of all, we can connect you to these resources by sending you to the Edublug Award Shortlist of finalists.

If you voted for us, or any of the resources we nominated, thank you! Next year, ECE will sweep!