As of April 19. 2023, there are significant changes to how you will receive Certificates and CEUs for live sessions and recorded webinars.

If you watch recordings that originally aired between April 1, 2022 and April 18, 2023:

The instructions you hear and see during the recorded webinar for obtaining CEUs are no longer accurate.

The Center for Professional Development at the University of Oklahoma no longer issues our CEUs. Our new IACET-approved Certificate+CEUs provider is Bertelsen Education. Now, you will receive your Certificate  and CEUs in one document.

Instead of following the instructions for CEUs, you will follow these instructions:

  1. Follow the link or QR code to obtain a certificate at the end of the webinar. It will lead you to a page on website where you will:
  2. pay $3,*
  3. take a quiz,
  4. download your certificate The certificate will also include IACET-Approved CEUs.

*Please note that the first time you take a quiz, you will register on the website so you can always return to find all Certificates + CEUs from our webinars.

Learn more about Certificates + CEUs

Read more about the reasons for this change

Watch a brief video demonstration of the process for obtaining Certificates + CEUs.

The link to obtain CEUs that is displayed in the recording will be invalid because your certificate will include CEUs.

If you watch recordings that originally aired before April 1, 2022 you will not be able to obtain CEUs.

  • The certificate link will still work, but the certificates will be rejected by some Registries, but not others.
  • If your state does not have a registry, nothing should change.
  • If you use certificates for other purposes. there should be no change.

Our CEUs and certificates are now provided by Bertelsen Education. You can contact them with questions.