Silence is complicity. We stand for equity and will not be silent.

Earlier today I sent out the email below. I would be remiss to not post it on our blog where it will live forever ,proclaiming our commitment to social justice. After fitful sleep, I woke up this morning ready to send out our usual announcement about upcoming webinars. Usually when I prepare our announcements, I

RECORDING AVAILABLE! Attuned Interactions and Healthy Relationships

If you missed the live webinar by Dr. Mike Sherman of Birth2Five Consulting, you should take the time to watch the recording now. You will learn how to become more attuned with children and why relationship are the most important element of early development. Because we didn't have enough time to ask the questions posed

Mindfulness webinar available NOW!

These days, because so many people are hitting the Internet for work, school, and entertainment we have to be creative to ensure you get the webinars we promised. Because almost 9,000 people registered for the webinar Using Mindfulness With Children of All Abilities to Keep Connections Strong, we were concerned our webinar service provider would not

Updated links: Coronavirus Resources

In our post yesterday, I shared resources from the CDC specifically for child care centers and schools about preparing for COVID-19. Today I have even more resources to share: Harvard Medical School’s guide on how to talk to children about the coronavirus Kidshealth articles for families and children NPR’s child-centered comic to help explain coronavirus to children

Stay calm, prepare, & mitigate: COVID-19 in early childhood programs

If you are an early childhood program administrator or teacher, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is on the top of your mind. Of course you are thinking about what to do about potential closures, revenue loss, and all of the associated nightmarish details. Take a deep, cleansing breath and blow out slowly. Hopefully that helped. Stop what you