We have big news! As of April 19, 2023 you will earn certificates and IACET-approved CEUs in one document! We call the new documents Certificates + CEUs.

From this point forward, the instructions about how to get certificates and CEUs during the webinars will not be so complicated because there is only one pathway for both documents. We know many of our email subscribers have been with us for a very long time, so this change will be big for you. There are a few things we want to make sure you know.

Our new partner, Bertelsen Education, will issue and manage your Certificates + CEUs. You can learn more about our partnership here on our site.

You can read about the new process for those who attend live webinars and watch recordings going forward, and about the process for those who watch older recordings. You can also read the answers to questions we anticipate you will have. But, we want to make sure you know about the two biggest changes for our most loyal participants.

The new process will require that you:

1) take a simple quiz to earn your Certificate+CEUs,
2) pay a $3 fee for your Certificates + CEUs.

The quiz will only include 8 questions that are taken directly from the presentation and the slides. If you pay attention, you will have no problem passing. You can take the quiz three times and a passing score is 80%.

The hardest part of this process for us is the requirement that you pay for your certificates. It has been our mission for 15 years to provide free conference-quality webinars. Behind the scenes, we work very hard to comply with the requirements of state registries and licensing agencies to make sure they accept our certificates. We advocate hard for our participants, but every year it becomes more difficult to meet these requirements while relying solely on sponsorships to pay for the webinars. We know that registries and other agencies prefer that training participants take assessments to prove they have attended and learned during the training. On our limited budget, we cannot afford to meet this requirement, until now!

Thanks to our friends at Bertelsen Education, who have graciously created a pricing structure that is very affordable for our participants. In fact, the cost for comparable trainings with IACET-Approved CEUs is $20 and up. So the $3 fee is an extremely generous arrangement. We are grateful that Bertelsen Education shares our mission to make high-quality professional development affordable to the early childhood workforce.

We will offer a free 45-minute webinar to explain the process tomorrow, April 4, 2023 at 2 PM Eastern Time. As always, the webinar will be recorded so you can watch it at your convenience. You will also see a demonstration of the process and have a chance to ask questions. Ironically, we will NOT  offer Certificates+CEUs in this webinar. We hope you will join us! Register now.

You may also want to watch a video demonstration of the process for earning your certificates!

We appreciate you, your dedication to the field, and your hard work. Thank you for being a part of our community.


Fran Simon and Andrea Goggins

Fran Simon, M.Ed.
Chief Engagement Officer
Engagement Strategies Consulting
Producer of Early Childhood Investigations
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