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The Eight Qualities You Need To Be a True Early Childhood Leader

By Guest Blogger, Jennifer Carsen Whether you're an ECE program leader or staff member, you may see yourself as an agent for change who views high-quality early childhood programs as an antidote to economic and social injustice. We hope so, anyway! In order to position yourself effectively in this role, says Maurice Sykes, you must

3 ECE Hiring Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By Guest Blogger, Jennifer Carsen Finding and keeping good teachers - it's a classic source of frustration in ECE. And it's no surprise. Early childhood is a demanding field that doesn't pay nearly as much as it should. But have you ever considered that you may be the source of some of your hiring woes?

It’s About the Experience, Not the Tool!

By Margaret A Powers and Fran Simon Could you choose a more exciting time to be working in the field of early childhood education (ECE)? These days, it doesn't look like it! There is so much important and exciting work occurring right now in ECE, particularly around the topic of technology use in the classroom.

It’s Time … To Join a Learning Community, by Margaret Powers

Image from: After reading Ellen Galinksy’s recent article in NAEYC's Young Children about Professional Learning Communities, I was inspired by the empowering and collaborative nature of these groups. Ms. Galinsky outlines ten key characteristics (listed below) of learning communities she discovered researching the communities that formed to share information and ideas from

Thought leadership: Why We All Benefit When A Few Share Knowledge

There are smart people. There are people who are are happy to tell you everything they think you need to know. Then there are thought leaders. Thought leaders are a different breed altogether. They are typically smart, informed, and passionate. But what makes thought leaders so special is their willingness to share ideas and information