You belong on is growing! Site visitors are searching and contacting consultants, site traffic is growing and new consultants join every day. The system is turning out to be very robust. This week we are proud to announce new functions and enhanced elements to help consultants’ and organizations’ profile even more interactive.

For Consultants and Organizations

  1. Now, link to online articles in the portfolio section of your profile, not only to documents potential clients can download.
  2.  Add links to the images you upload to the portfolio section of your profile. (Perfect for authors to link from cover images of your books to excerpts or purchasing pages.)
  3. You can now add 10 images to the portfolio, which is double the amount allowed before.
  4. We have formatted profiles to be more attractive and easier for prospective clients to read.
  5. The meta keywords on every profile have been upgraded to attract more traffic through search engines. You can further enhance your search engine attractiveness by adding links from your profile to your social media profiles, web site, articles, books, presentations, and videos. The more outbound and inbound links in your profile, the more “credibility” you earn with search engines. (Confused? Contact me!)

Later this week, we will add a new and very important function you will love! Badges that lead directly to your profile! Stay tuned for more…