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Have you heard about our newest services, Early Childhood Investigations Consultants Directory, or ECEexperts.comIt’s a professional meeting place where organizations searching for consultants can find them by searching for free, and where experts can add a profile about their services for a modest subscription fee.

This post is for consultants who have already subscribed. (But there’s a special offer below for those of you who have are still thinking about it.) Many of you have jumped onboard to start connecting with clients, but some still have a few “to-dos” on your profile-building list. Here are our top ten “to-dos” for subscribers:

10) Make your profile visible!

Believe it or not, a lot of subscribers have gone to the trouble to complete their profiles, but never made them visible! Yikes! Log in to check your profile and click the activation box at the top of the profile!

9) Add a secondary email address!

The ONLY WAY potential clients who find your profile on the site can get in touch with you is through the email form on our site. We intentionally designed the system this way to protect your email address and other contact information from inapproriate use. Secondary email addresses are important because if your main email address fails for whatever reason, you will not receive inquiries from potential clients.

8) Add your travel preferences

We’ve been tweaking and refining the site, and recently added a field where you can indicate whether you are available to travel. This is an important field that may mean the difference between getting a client or not.

7) Add a head shot

I know, everyone struggle to find photos of themselves that they like. It’s never easy, but it is important on Early Childhood Consultants Directory. If you look at the search results, you will see it looks strange to see a list that includes images, and then one that doesn’t have a photo. Business Insider offers these tips for selecting the right picture.

6) Add your “tagline”

A tagline is like a sound bite that explains what and why you do what you do. Taglines show up in the search results on, along with your photo. They help prospective clients quickly identify the consultants with whom they want to connect, so they are pretty important. Taglines also add keywords that prospective clients may use to search the Directory. Need help crafting your personal/professional tagline? Here’s some info to kick off your efforts from Brand New You.

5) Add your resume, presentations, articles, or other documents

Early Childhood Investigations Consulting Directory was designed to be a professional portfolio. The Documents section in your profile allows you to show off to potential clients. You can add any document and include a title that entices “searchers” to open it. This area of the profile is especially compelling because it allows you to support what you say about yourself with products that add depth.

4) Link to videos that demonstrate your work

The video section of the profile is yet another way to provide prospective clients with evidence of your knowledge and skills. You can also add links to videos of you talking directly to the viewer about your work. Don’t be shy! Get creative.

3) Use the personalized direct link to your profile

All subscribers are assigned a unique URL that leads directly to their profile. The link can be found on your dashboard, which is the first page you see when you log in. We designed the system to create this URL so you can use it on your business cards, website, in your email signature, or social media sites so the people with whom you interact can learn more about your background with a simple click. It’s a pretty powerful benefit, so use it!

2) Read our Optimization Quick Start Guide

For more ideas and tips, get to know the Optimization Guide located in the Support section of the site.

1) Visit the site, review your profile, and check your stats often

It’s important to see your profile from the perspective of potential clients. Go to the site as a site visitor and browse the profiles. See how your profile looks to site visitors and compare it to other profiles. Then log in and check out the number of times people have viewed your profile (stats are located on your dashboard). Look for typos, check the grammar, add new information, and otherwise, polish it to perfection.


Whether you are a consultant who always needs a full pipeline of clients, or an organization or company looking for early education expertise, Early Childhood Consultants Directory is for you! It’s free to search and affordable to list!

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